Shaun ‘the sheep’ Abrahams a complete disaster

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Shaun ‘the sheep’ Abrahams a complete disaster
Shaun 'the sheep' Abrahams a complete disaster. Photo: Die Vryburger

Legal experts expressed the view that Shaun Abrahams would be seen in the anal’s of history as the most “disastrous” head of the National Prosecuting Authority.

He stumbled from one crisis to the next and his youngest “blaps” is the summons of three former SARS officials.

Even the renowned judge of the Independent Electoral Commission, former judge Johann Kriegler, criticized this step of Abrahams.

Abrahams got the name of “Shaun the Sheep” because of his faithfulness to Zuma and his inability to institute prosecutions against people like the Gupta brothers, ministers, heads of departments and provincial premiers.

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