Serious protest unrest around South Africa

Serious protest unrest around South Africa
North Coast protest KwaZulu-Natal. Photo (CICA)

There were riots and protests again at the R102 in North Coast, KwaZulu-Natal.

Avoid these areas especially Tugela mouth area around Mandeni and Gingindlovu.

The roads were blocked again by fires, rocks, trees and boulders.

Vehicles were stoned and burnt.

The people are protesting reportedly because government isn’t supplying water during the drought.

Water tankers have been active in the area, however people said they have not been sent water.

There are rumors that the water tankers are only servicing those who pay them.

North Coast protest KwaZulu-Natal.

Meanwhile murder, riots, assault and public unrest reigned at the Johannesburg CBD protest.

Saturday was chaos as people in a hijacked building were fighting, drinking, throwing bottles and rocks at passing vehicles.

Eventually surrounding roads were closed.

At least 1 person was murdered.

Johannesburg CBD protest.
Johannesburg CBD protest.


Source: Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness – South Africa

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