‘Schoolboys’ stage hijacking in Phoenix

‘Schoolboys’ stage hijacking in Phoenix

Durban – Three robbers dressed in school uniform hijacked a young Phoenix motorist on Tuesday, allegedly firing shots at him.

Minutes later the hijackers crashed the VW Polo, which landed on its side. Two suspects ran away, but a 20-year-old was arrested.

The drama unfolded when Klinsmann Naidoo, 18, stopped outside a friend’s home in Cardham Drive just after 2pm.

Vincent Naidoo said his son, Klinsmann, was still in shock. He said the robbers approached his son on either side of the car. One of them broke the window, got into the car and forced Naidoo out.

Klinsmann was stunned and stood on the pavement next to the car. The hijacker in the passenger seat placed the gun on the roof of the car and fired a few rounds, his father said.

“When I heard of the incident I feared the worst but luckily he was not harmed.”…

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