Save the economy: Voters must do the right thing and shun the ANC

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Save the economy: Voters must do the right thing and shun the ANC
Save the economy: Voters must do the right thing and shun the ANC

For once, the FF Plus agrees with the ANC. During the parliamentary debate, an ANC MP, Mrs Mahlangu, said that voters must do the “right thing” in next year’s general elections by not voting for people who are doing the “wrong things”.

What the ANC, however, apparently failed to realise is that it is the party that keeps doing the wrong things at the expense of the country and its people.

Did Ace Magashule do the right thing when he allowed money to be stolen from the people of the Free State so that it can be used to finance a Gupta wedding at Sun City? Did the former premier of the North West province do the right thing when he took money from the province’s Department of Health and gave it to Gupta linked ambulance services and clinics that offer no services to the people?

Is it doing the right thing when contractor development programmes that are supposed to offer support to small business enterprises benefit only the children of certain premiers?

For example, the children of the Free State Premier, Ms Sisi Nombela. One of the addresses provided as the address of a registered business that benefits from one of these development programmes is her residential address. These are only a few examples of all the wrong things that the ANC is doing.

The ANC’s wrong decisions concerning policy has driven South Africa’s economy down a dead end street. Doing the wrong thing over and over again can only be described as insanity. And yet the ANC is standing by its policy which is clearly wrong and causing harm.

It is insane to think that wealth can be created by simply redistributing existing wealth. It is impossible. And yet the ANC is sticking to it.

Allocating 60% of the budget to education and health is not wrong, but what is the point of allocating money to education and health systems that are failing? The money will simply be squandered.

Further proof of the ANC’s insanity is their sustained and repeated attempts to save state owned entities from financial ruin. The party is also keeping to a wage bill that takes up 40% of the national budget and 50% of the budget on provincial level.

While things keep going the way they are, South Africa is moving closer and closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff. Voters must surely do what the ANC is asking of them by fighting back in 2019: vote and do not waste your vote on a party that keeps doing the wrong thing.

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