‘SAPS members are willing to die to keep farmers safe’

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‘SAPS members are willing to die to keep farmers safe’
Genl. JP Scheepers - Image - Die Vryburger

The country has a responsibility towards farmers, and he has assured that the people in Blue are willing to die to keep farmers safe.

It was the message of Major-General JP Scheepers, deputy commissioner of police in the north, who told representatives of the agricultural community after signing the province’s new Rural Security Strategy.

Major-General Scheepers has called on people to stop being silent if it appears that any member of the police is not serving or doing his job. He described farm attacks as a poison that will destroy all because if there are no farmers, there is no food. Major-General Scheepers said, “everyone must stand together to protect the farmers and say enough is enough.”

“Major-General Scheepers’ words are encouraging for the agricultural community, and we really hope that he is not the proverbial swallow that does not know the summer. His words that farm attacks will not summarily stop with the new plan, also testify to realism without creating false hopes or expectations. We hope that Major-General Scheepers and his team also receive support from its heads and political leaders, as it will contribute to the key to success,” said Mr. Henk van de Graaf, chairman of TAU SA’s Northern Region. “TAU SA cannot wait to see the results of the Provincial Rural Security Strategy for Limpopo.”

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