Saftu regards Ramaphosa as a capitalist

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Saftu regards Ramaphosa as a capitalist
Zwelinzima Vavi - Image - Die Vryburger

During the formation of the new trade union Saftu, led by Zwelinzima Vavi, it was expressly said that they would not join an alliance with any political party.

However, they reported not to support Cyril Ramaphosa as a new president of the country, as he is a capitalist. He is compared to Ernest Oppenheimer. The only difference is the skin color, according to the trade union’s deputy secretary Moleko Phakadi.

Meanwhile, Saftu has declared themselves as a Marxist-Leninist trade union, which does have certain political goals.

Currently, with its 700 000 members, Saftu is the second largest trade union in the country, and according to labor experts can grow to the largest. The union will definitely throw its weight somewhere around in politics because Vavi has previously shown to have political aspirations.

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