SACP and VBS bank’s connection

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SACP and VBS bank’s connection
SACP and VBS bank's connection. Photo: Die Vryburger

The thieves are just coming out of the woodwork more and more. According to media reports, a former senior official of VBS announced that a bank manager had been instructed to pay R3 Million to fund the SACP national congress.

It was apparently done to buy the party’s silence regarding the bank’s relationship with the Guptas.

MML Food Services’s bank account was apparently used to conceal any dealings with the Indian gang. Sources close to the bank claim that the SACP threatened the VBS Bank to make the “donation”.

Meanwhile, the ANC has acknowledged that they received R2 million and undertook to repay it and if the SACP repayes the R3 million then the bank already has R5 million operating capital.

Humorously, someone said that if the EFF’s money was added to this, plus the many municipal managers “bonuses” then the bank will almost be out of the red and be able to pay back the individual investors money.

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