SA will face disaster if municipalities keep deteriorating

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SA will face disaster if municipalities keep deteriorating
SA will face disaster if municipalities keep deteriorating

Municipalities in South Africa will not survive economically if they continue down their current path. In general, municipal and provincial infrastructure is in a state of disrepair. Debt with Eskom literally amounts to billions of rands and consequently many municipalities’ power supply may be interrupted.

It is, therefore, very worrying that the government is going to cut back on its budget allocation to infrastructure. If South Africa’s municipalities collapse, then the entire country will collapse.

Numerous municipalities and provinces are guilty of underspending their conditional allocations and so it is understandable that it could serve as motivation to reduce their allocations.

It is, however, not the residents that are to blame for the poor management and underspending. The ANC government must shoulder the blame. Unfortunately, it is the residents that will suffer if municipalities’ budgets are reduced.

Maintaining municipalities is a much greater priority than free higher education. What use would it be if there are students studying at universities, but they don’t have electricity, water or roads? After graduating, they will not be able to find a job if the economy was destroyed because municipalities collapsed.

South Africa spends much more of its budget on basic education than most of the other African countries and even some of the developed countries. And yet, the country’s basic education system is so poor that it is considered to be 126th out of 138 countries worldwide. The reason for this is the ANC government mismanagement and corruption.

A shining example of this is the ANC’s Secretary General and Premier of the Free State, Ace Magashule, who allowed the province to be ruined by mismanagement and theft under his leadership. Ultimately, it is the people of the province that suffer as a result of this.

South Africa’s economy cannot grow until corruption has been eradicated. And no one will take the ANC seriously if they say that they want to do away with corruption, because they have people like Magashule serving as secretary general in their midst.

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