SA experts find that ‘lockdown cure’ is far worse than projected virus damage

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SA experts find that ‘lockdown cure’ is far worse than projected virus damage
SA experts find that 'lockdown cure' is far worse than projected virus damage

The ANC’s lockdown cure is far worse than the Chinese CCP virus disease. Expected loss of life due to to the economic impact of continued lockdown will be 29 times worse than COVID-19 related deaths – Actuaries

The cure is much worse than the disease a group consisting of South African actuaries, mathematicians, medical professionals and business people called Data and Analytics (PANDA) has found. The group has found that the damage now being caused by the lockdown will be much worse than any expected overload on health services as a result of the Chinese CCP virus in the absence of a lockdown. PANDA has also pointed out that the total number of COVID-19 related deaths according to epidemiological models wont differ whether there is a lockdown or not.

The point being made is that it is inevitable that people will die because of COVID-19. The total amount of COVID-19 related deaths will just be spread out over a longer period of time as a result of the lockdown but it is inevitable that people will die. PANDA warns that there is no justification for such a harsh lockdown anymore because of the tremendous long term damage that is being done to the economy as a result of the lockdown.

PANDA warns South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product can also fall between 10-15% as a result of the lockdown.                         
This will mean that millions of South Africans will fall into poverty from which many will never emerge and 3 million or more jobs will disappear.         

Mr Nick Hudson of PANDA has warned that the government’s current over reaction is running our economic engine down, so fast that by the time we realise the full extent of the damage, it will be too late.                     

Hudson says that at the time the initial decision over lockdown was made there was not a lot of data available and the government’s decision at the time is understandable but now that new data is available, the lockdown should be ended immediately, taking new economic data into consideration which points to a humanitarian disaster as a result of the lockdown.               


This type of data pointing to the cure (lockdown) being far far worse than the pandemic itself must be available to the ANC because they are being advised by business people who have even taken to writing open letters to Pres Ramaphosa to open the economy and do it immediately.                             

Other motives for a continued lockdown are widely suspected now and were also pointed out by a political scientist like Prof Andre Duvenhage.                     

The lockdown has become a way for the ANC to collectively punish white people, destroy the businesses of white people by keeping it closed for a prolonged period and at the same time deny them official assistance, implement the type of communist dictatorship they always wanted and of course it is seen as another trough eating exercise for their fat cat cadres to make money from tender opportunities like quarantine facilities and the Beitbridge fence mockery (R37 million spent on a barbed wire fence of 40 km).                                           

And don’t forget the food parcels their cadres are stealing and selling!

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