Robbery victim stabbed, suspect shot

Robbery victim stabbed, suspect shot

Durban, South Africa – At around 19:10 this evening Marshall Security received a call that a robbery had occurred at the intersection on North Coast Road and the N2 freeway.

Marshall responded and upon arrival it was established that a male victim who was standing on the side of the road, waiting to be collected by his son was approached by three male suspects in their early twentys.

The suspects tried to rob him. During the robbery one suspect stabbed the victim in the chest. The victim was armed and shot the suspect who had stabbed him.

The victim reported that his firearm jammed and he was disarmed by the remaining two suspects. The Remaining two suspects fled on foot into the surrounding bush with the firearm.

Our members who responded searched in the bush for the suspects without success. They discovered a path through the bush from the site of the robbery back to Umhlangane Road in Effingham.

The suspect who was shot died on the scene. The victim’s injuries were not life threatening.


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