Robbers use sneaky ways to rob houses in Springs

Robbers use sneaky ways to rob houses in Springs

Springs, South Africa – Captain Johannes Ramphora, spokesman for the Springs police, says the trend the robbers use is to drive up and down in the residential areas and look for gardeners and domestic workers who are working outside.

He says they approach these workers and ask questions about the employees.

Six house robbery cases were reported over the past two weeks and the police suspect they are being committed by the same group of men driving a grey vehicle.

The model of the vehicle is unknown to them.

He says during the latest break-in three men approached a 56-year-old gardener in Grootvaly and asked questions about his employees.

They allegedly asked how many people live in the house and if the owner of the house was at home.

The victim was locked up in an outside room while the robbers broke into the house.

They took the TV and other electrical appliances and left the scene…

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