Robbers stabbed man and attempted to drown him

Robbers stabbed man and attempted to drown him

Brazen robbers stabbed Hugo Meyer (45) three times in the back and once in the arm and then attempted to drown him at Mtwalume beach during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mr Meyer was stabbed, kicked and hit and then dragged into the sea by a gang of men.

He then watched helplessly while some of the men dragged his friend Cherné van der Merwe (38) at knife point towards the bush.

Mr Meyer, his friend Heine Cronje (54) and Ms van der Merwe, had just arrived from Pretoria to visit family when they were viciously attacked on the beach.

Mr Cronje said it was about 03:00 when they arrived at his parents’ home, and it was tradition after a long drive to put their feet in water and feel the sand.

“Cherné and Hugo went down to the water’s edge while I sat waiting for them on the narrow footpath. I was unable to see them from where I was sitting,” said Mr Cronje.

Five minutes later he was greeted by a man who pointed a gun at him. The man told Mr Cronje he was going to shoot and kill him. Mr Cronje challenged him and attempted to grab the gun. Meanwhile, unbeknown to him, the men had dragged Ms van der Merwe close to where he was sitting. During the scuffle with the gun, she managed to flee and hide in the bushes.

Mr Cronje said the men then grabbed the cooler bag and liquor and fled. He then ran to the beach to look for his friends.

“I then saw Hugo floating in the water. I thought a shark had bitten him as the sea around him was red,” he said.

Mr Cronje pulled Mr Meyer out of the water and then ran to his parents’ home to get help. He thought his friend was going to die on the beach.

Within half an hour, members of Mtwalume Neighbourhood Watch and paramedics arrived to assist Mr Meyer and help search for Ms van der Merwe. Mr Meyer was transported to hospital.

In the meantime, an extremely traumatised Ms Van der Merwe had hidden in the bush and finally plucked up the courage to venture out at sunrise.

Mr Cronje said they were very grateful that they were alive to tell the story.

“It can happen at any beach at any time. Make sure you go to the beach in a big group and not alone,” he cautioned.

Police spokesman, Captain Vincent Pandarum, said Hibberdene SAPS detectives are investigating a case of armed robbery.

“No arrests have been made at this stage and investigations are continuing,” he confirmed.


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