Robber shot dead by pensioner

Robber shot dead by pensioner

A pensioner from Standerton shot dead a suspected robber on Wednesday after the robber and his accomplice’s stole his wife’s purse with R1 000 cash. Her wedding ring was also in the purse.

Lieutenant Colonel, John Nhlabathi spokesperson of the Standerton police said to Marula Media the incident occurred at around 11:15 outside a workshop at a scrap yard in the town. “The man stopped outside the scrap yard and got out of the vehicle,” said Nhlabathi. “Three men stormed the vehicle and grabbed the handbag out of the car, took out her purse and ran away.”

The pensioner told police he and his wife were on their way to a funeral in Heidelberg for a family member who was recently murdered. Before the incident they withdrew R1 000 at an ATM and placed it in his wife’s purse. Apparently he warned the robbers not to take the purse, but they did not listen, and ran away. The man shot at them and fatally wounded one of the robbers.

It is understood that one of the robbers got away with the purse and the woman’s wedding ring that was inside the purse.

Nhlabathi said the man that was shot, possibly could be connected to other cases of theft from vehicles.

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