Robbed by cops: Shop owner speaks out

South Africa, Umzinto – ONE of a gang of five alleged ‘rogue cops’ was shot dead in an attempted armed robbery at Theo’s Fruit and Vegetable Market in Umzinto last Friday evening.

Another robber and the son of the store owner were also wounded in the gun battle.

A traumatised Nad Govender, the owner of the store, said: “I had just left the store and my two sons were locking up. When I phoned to check up on them, my son told me the police were there. He then put the phone in his pocket and I heard him ask the cop not to shoot him.”

Realising there was something very wrong, he rushed back to the shop.

“When I got there they opened fire. My son and I returned fire. In 20 years I have never had an incident and now this,” he said.

The shop owner’s son, Prenolin, is in ICU at St Augustine’s Hospital in Durban.

The ordeal unfolded when the heavily armed men in uniform entered the store about 6pm. They apparently disregarded requests for identification and warrants. They then roughed up the staff and demanded cash from the safe.

While leaving, the robbers opened fire. The owner and his son returned fire.

One of the robbers was shot dead, another was severely injured and the other three fled.


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