Rewriting history, to bits with the future

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Rewriting history, to bits with the future
Rewriting history, to bits with the future. Photo: FNSA

The problem with the liberal point of view is that they are so tuned into WHY things, in their opinion, went wrong in the past, that they completely forget WHAT is wrong with the present and then address that to secure that the future looks better.

Couple that with the habit of the current black and left wing politicians in South Africa (in particular those of the ANC, EFF and DA) to hide their own inability behind the perceived wrongs of the past, and you have the circus we live in each and every day.

And by that we do not only refer to South Africa. The liberal foolishness of trying to change what cannot be changed because it is over and done with, manifests in the almost hilarious and equally outrageous habit of fighting with statues. Tearing down lumps of bronze or concrete in the shape of human beings and hoping that it would change anything.

Guys, the statue did you no wrong. The long dead and gone person did. Focus! Focus!

In London they are now protesting to remove the statue of Oliver Cromwell from the Houses of Parliament because the era in which Cromwell turned England into a Republic reminds the liberals of “religious intolerance.”

That is not half as stupid as the proposed removal of the statue of former Free State Republican president, MT Steyn (who was born 161 years ago, yesterday) from the University of the Free State. He reminds them of “apartheid”.

It is not even doubtful, it is a given fact, that president Steyn never even heard of the term “apartheid.” He died long before “apartheid” existed.

But hey, if you can defend your policies, stand up for what you believe in by conviction and do so in a civilised manner – then fight with something which can’t fight back. That is what all liberals do: They run from anything which fights back and fights with everything which cannot fight back.

Such as statues…tsk-tsk-tsk…

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