Retired businessman knocked down attacker with one blow

Retired businessman knocked down attacker with one blow
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An attacker met his match on Thursday morning, 23 July, 2015 after he invaded a retired businessman’s property in Ferreira, Bloemfontein and stormed the owner.

Alec de Wit (65), of the Ferreira Smallholding outside Bloemfontein, knocked down the suspect with one blow when the man stormed him.

According to De Wit, the assailant had his hand in his pocket and he did not know whether the intruder had a weapon on him.

“I went out about 06:30 to let the cattle out and saw the suspect coming at me. I knocked him down with the first blow.
“I grabbed him and took him to my wife and told her to call the police. I lost my grip on him and he tried to attack me again,” said De Wit.

According to him, the suspect lost his nerve and fled. The attacker lost his cell phone and hat in the process.

De Wit said it was not the last he saw of the attacker, as he climbed back over the fence where the cattle grazed.

This time, De Wit rushed at him and the attacker fled.

“The police arrived only at 10:30. When I called a police captain earlier, he asked me why am I calling him.”

“If the police responded faster, the man could have possibly been caught. I’m too old to run after the suspect.”

De Wit said he was startled when he saw the man and reacted instinctively to protect his family and tenants on the property.

Capt. Chaka Marope, police spokesperson, confirmed the incident but said nothing is investigated at this stage.

According to him, the officer who gathered the information has given the wrong address to the police, and police officers first went to the wrong house.

Source – Netwerk24

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