Red October protest Cape Town 2016 – Memorandum of demands

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Red October protest Cape Town 2016 – Memorandum of demands
Red October aims to draw attention to oppression of and violence against White South Africans - Image - Front National

Within the next hour or so the following statement will be handed to Parliament. The memorandum was drafted by Front National and unanimously supported by all the groups participating in the Red October protest in Cape Town.

MEMORANDUM OF DEMANDS: 10 OCTOBER 2016: CAPE TOWN The Honourable State President of the Republic of South Africa or his representative.


We, the representatives of the people who gathered outside the Houses of Parliament on this day, have been sanctioned to approach your office with our serious concern about the question of criminal attacks on the agricultural community. This crime wave regularly results in brutal murder, rape and torture of innocent civilians, including children and elderly people.

It furthermore causes a negative impact on food production, in the sense that commercial farming has become a dangerous profession and not an attractive career option for the new generation. With an ever increasing population this means that we cannot feed our people any more.

Government now needs to step in and implement measures to turn this tide around.

We respectfully request that this memorandum urgently be tabled before Parliament, to be expediently, unbiased and thoroughly investigated and responded to and answered within fourteen days hereof.

Herewith our grievances, concerns, objections and demands as mandated by the signatories of the Red October Petition and those partaking in this peaceful protest action .


Consequently, we demand that the following be implemented through legislation:

• A disproportionate number of attacks on farms are committed by illegal immigrants crossing the border from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Government must implement stricter measures in border control with all neighbouring countries. Our natural resources such as water and food are already limited.

It is time to impose harsher fines and punitive measures for anybody harbouring, employing and aiding illegal immigrants.

• Government must implement strategies to ensure food security by:

Putting an immediate end to the policy of land claims in order to give farmers peace of mind and to ensure and encourage food production without undue influence and pressure

• Re-implement subsidies and agricultural assistance to the farmer in times of need through parastatal institutions such as the Land Bank, without unfair discrimination which benefits only certain groups in our population

• Subsidizing the farming community to assist them in implementing security measures on the farms, even only if in the form of tax relief or tax benefits for expenditure towards securing the people living and working on farms against attacks.

• There are only about 35000 commercial farmers left. Government should launch a conscious drive, through the Ministries of Agriculture and Labour, to enable landowners to populate unpopulated farms as bone fide farmers so as to re-populate rural areas, return agricultural productivity to the land and create employment. Sensible Land Bank credit and loans should be made accessible to the farmers.

• Put an immediate stop to the unconstitutional racial discrimination against white farmers and prospective white farmers when it comes to the allocation of available subsidies, land claims and agricultural loans.

• Re-establish, through partnerships of Government on national and local level, Department of Higher Education and Agricultural Organizations, agricultural training colleges with the aim of producing farmers with the ability and drive to farm productively.

• Establish and promote security measures for farming communities in the form of setting up co-operatives, subsidized by Government, in security and production.

• Recognize, encourage and strengthen the farmer’s right of private ownership of his farm with, as a matter of national importance to encourage production, strict measures against trespassing, squatting and harassment on his private property.

Signed in Cape Town, South-Africa, on this 10th day of October 2016.

Johan Petrus Willemse : Red October

Dr Pieter Groenewald : VF Plus

Daniel Lotter : Front Nasional

Jack Miller : Cape Party

Des Palm : WesKaap Aksie Forum

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