Reconciliation by changing Anglo Boer War to the South African War?

Reconciliation by changing Anglo Boer War to the South African War?


Minister Nathi Mthethwa
South African Minister of Arts & Culture


We have read in the news this morning that you opened the National Month of Reconciliation at the War Museum of the Boer Republics in Bloemfontein and officially changed the name of the Anglo Boer War to the South African War.

Month of reconciliation. Why must we reconcile with you if you keep stealing what is ours because you have none of your own? In that I am referring to history and heritage. What reconciliation do you expect when you trample without empathy or respect (that which you yourself demand) right through the most sacred of our history?

The Museum will also be known as the South African War Museum from now on. That is nothing to us – you can call it Jacob Zuma’s lavatory if you like, it will not change one single bit of history. Not one, not by you.

Minister Mthethwa, we have never denied the role of other people in the war. On the Imperial side they had Canadians and Australians and Scots and black South Africans. On this side we had Dutch and French and Russians and black South Africans. If it is so important to recognise the part of “other” people played in the war, then call it by the true name. The name, not given by political correctness as you do, nor the name given by historians to make it easy for students when they refer to the Anglo Boer War. Call it by its true name : The Second War for Freedom. (Die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog).

That is what it is all about. That war was our struggle against colonialism and oppression. That is why we know what “struggle” and “oppression” means. Take a walk through any of the concentration camp burial sites where an entire generation of our nation is buried – two in one coffin, mothers wrapping their starving babies in threatbare blankets against the bitter cold of the Free State winter nights with only a tent sail between them and the elements…for the sake of freedom.

That same freedom which you have taken from us and are now adding insult to injury by forcing us to accept that you can get away with changing that history to reflect your inflated, imagined perception of it in order to try and appear competent. It is a dismal failure, like your very attempt to govern a country. All you create with your version of reconciliation, is further alienation, hatred and division.

You call the war of 1899 to 1902 The South African War. We call it : “The Second War for Freedom.” The South African War will be recorded by history as the massacre of our people on their farms and in their houses. The South African War will be recorded in history as the blackest and darkest period ever brought to this land and its people by the ANC’s version of reconciliation.

Because you see, minister Mthethwa, the most deadly, most honest, most inviolable and harshest judgement of all, is the judgement of history where the victor always stands in judgement and the vanquished as the accused. And through the mercy of our Good Lord, righteousness and honesty always wins the victory. That judgement will come for this government too, you can never escape it. And the South African War will stand against your record when your regime take your place in the gallery of the tyrants.

Daniel Lötter