Ramaphosa wants to legalize land theft

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Ramaphosa wants to legalize land theft
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Under the guise of “legal expropriation” (also without compensation), the newly elected ANC president promises that land in private ownership will be “taken.” In plain Afrikaans, it means the legalization of theft.

It is the comment from Mr. Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA, after the new ANC leader, Cyril Ramaphosa, made the announcement.

“In the same breath, certain conditions are set, namely that the economy should not be damaged and that food security should not be adversely affected.”

“Given acknowledgment by the government itself that the productive utilization of agricultural land that has already been transferred to beneficiaries in terms of the restitution process, as well as the short-term provision of billion Rand assistance to people who can not or do not want to farm, has failed to work, the new promises have failed miserably and is nothing good for South Africa,” said Mr. Meintjes. He further asks “Where in the world did expropriation without compensation, and the continued decay of agricultural land leads to foreign confidence, economic growth, and higher food production?”

Mr. Meintjes emphasizes that the time has come for South Africa to identify the real challenges facing the country for what it is. Not only do law-abiding citizens in their own country, regardless of the “non-racial” cornerstone of a so-called “model constitution,” be subject to a variety of laws that are blatantly pro-black and anti-Afrikaans, but a rapidly growing population demands increasing demands to a minimal tax base. That process accelerated while the RSA’s “junk status,” increasing rural poverty, infrastructure decay, reduction of scholastic and academic standards, the provision of basic services, endless crime and a shattering lack of future planning are the order of the day.

“No ideology, backed by superficial populist promises that do not keep up with economic principles, will bring salvation. As Mr. Ramaphosa wants to create an unmanageable situation, then he must actively work to promote famine. His promise to expropriate land without compensation creates the potential for reviving revolution. Expropriation of private property without compensation is theft.”

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