Ramaphosa is spreading ‘Fake News’

Die Vryburger

Ramaphosa is spreading 'Fake News'. Photo: Die Vryburger
Ramaphosa is spreading 'Fake News'. Photo: Die Vryburger

President Cyril Ramaphosa has made the claim that the resistance to land expropriation without compensation is becoming less and less as the government talks with the opponents.

“Ramaphosa believes and distributes fake news,” was the reaction of a member of the TAU’s Executive Committee.

It was said to the Vryburger, “Ramaphosa was invited to attend TAU SA Congress next week in Pretoria, but it seems that he is unwilling to attend.”

“Maybe he is successful in ‘hoodwinking’ some of his partners with his nice talks, but TLU SA remains relentlessly opposed to expropriation without compensation, because it’s nothing but theft,” was the response from a ‘TAU SA’ UK member.

“The market also tells another story. Land prices have fallen by more than thirty percent, and the rand is weakening every time there is talk about expropriation without compensation. As Ramaphosa says that there is a greater acceptance for this kind of theft, he is proclaiming fake news, which is unbelievable. ”

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