‘Rainbow Nation’ is falling apart at an alarming rate

Front Nasional SA

Tribalism in black politics is making a comeback, much as was the case around 1994 when the Xhosas of the ANC and the Zulus of the IFP pretty much waged a mini civil war against each other.

It is to be expected as the hegemony of the “Rainbow Nation” is falling apart at an alarming rate.

The EFF accused former Finance Minister, Malusi Gigaba (now Minister of Home Affairs) of actually being a Zimbabwean. Gigaba responded by saying that he was born in Kwazulu Natal, but he did not respond to the remark: Then why don’t you call yourself a Zulu? Is he actually a Zimbabwean?

Floyd Shivambu of the EFF is another example of doubtful nationality. Is he in fact from Mozambique as is claimed by the ANC? We know his father fought for Renamo in the civil war over there.

Even the DA is facing this challenge. Is Phumzile van Damme a South African or is she in fact a Swazi from Manzini?

Front National would like to ask the Speaker of Parliament to launch an investigation and settle for once and for all the question: Who are these people wielding such power and helping to determine the policies of government and the 2 major opposition parties?

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