Racial Slurs Increase the Flames of Violence

Racial Slurs Increase the Flames of Violence
Racial Slurs Increase the Flames of Violence

Today, on Facebook, a member of the Black Consciousness Philosophy (BCP) group posted the following statement:

If I can die without killing western settlers at least 10 of them, I would curse the human creator for bringing me on earth. I want to kill at least 10 white people here kabo Mzansi…ONE BULLET ONE SETTLER

Using a platform and chanting those words to millions of uneducated, frustrated and often disillusioned people is dangerous. There is a history and many documented articles regarding “Kill the Boer” song. Court cases and apologies happen all the time. However, this constitutes Hate Speech.

Racial slurs from white and black people have triggered a wave of no respect. At the beginning of this year, statements referring to black people as monkeys and having an entitlement mentality sparked an outrage in South Africa. Retaliation by the majority was not without some offensive comments, “whites are barbarians and kill white people”. All malicious outbursts from people who did not think about consequences.

Being racist does have a profound effect on people. While freedom of speech is good, remaining tactful and considerate of others is the key to understanding. It is all about respect. When hatred is openly paraded through social media, reactions filter through causing a wave of disrepute. It is these statements that trigger the ongoing violence.

The majority have the attitude that the relationship with the minority and the rest of the world is all about respect. Many people believe that the struggle to end apartheid was not about freedom but respect. Respect that is due to the handful of bombastic blacks who are arrogant. Forgetting that respect is earned.

How deep is the conflict between white and black and is there a solution. South Africa belongs to all who live in it. The trickle of instigators continues to taunt the unforgiving spirit by appearing dominant and brutal. It is a single story that apartheid caused untold miseries. Unity will not happen until a respected leader can absolve the racial conflict. Only when the people overcome the past and stop seeking to blame the minority can reconciliation be applied.

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