Racial motive in farm attacks a well-known fact in senior ANC circles

Racial motive in farm attacks a well-known fact in senior ANC circles
Martie Bester farm attack in South Africa

There can be no doubt that the question of racially based farm attacks against our people is a well-known fact in senior ANC circles. This is ever so evident after two very stupid political blunders by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Bheki Cele, over the weekend.

Now Bheki Cele, you might well remember, is the former Commissioner of Police sacked for corruption. And then appointed as Deputy Minister. One might well wonder what a remarkable variety of skills Cele possesses to jump from nr 1 Policeman to nr 2 farmer.

Truth is: None at all, apart from being a good friend of Zuma. He is in fact not even a good politician, otherwise he would not have admitted what we have expected for a long time. Indeed, earlier this week Cele stated that there is no evidence that farm attacks are racially based.

It is just part of the crime wave we are experiencing. It must be one hell of a crime wave when two black youths break into a house, torture an elderly widow to death, then return to the house every day for a week to eat and drink and enjoy themselves and then pile the scrap food and the Bible on top of the dead and decomposing body before setting the house ablaze.

Appearing in court, their only concern is that this might take some time and they have other obligations. God knows what that may be…I can but imagine.

But Cele says: No, it’s your imagination South Africa – no racial motive in this. Why then, Mr Cele, would you turn round yesterday and appeal to the media not to reveal the race of the victim or murderers when they report on farm attacks?


Is it because you know that fact and reality overrule your previous statement?

You have to face the fact that we are sitting with a full-out, murderous wiping out of the white minority population.

And you have just given us evidence that the government knows this as well. By their denial they are condoning it.

By the President singing “Bring my machine gun” you are encouraging it.

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Photo – It is a common practice by farm attackers to leave personal belongings, and Bible’s on the victim’s body’s. They put this Bible on Martie Bester’s right hip. They wanted her Bible burned with her.

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