R1,5 mill bonsmaras for ’emerging farmers’ delivered to Nkandla

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R1,5 mill bonsmaras for ’emerging farmers’ delivered to Nkandla
R1,5 mill bonsmaras for emerging farmers delivered to Nkandla. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

In October 2016, Zuma stole cattle.

Yes. South Africa, the “rainbow wonder” of multiculturalism has become so backward that the then state president stole cattle.

What can you say now? If you want to make a president of a herdsman, you will get a president who steals cattle.

Sunday Times reports that bonsmara cattle worth R1,5 million that were bought at taxpayers’ money for “emerging farmers” in the North West, were delivered to Nkandla. The controversial prime minister of North West, Supra Mahumapelo (whose son recently received Denel’s R1 million “Bursary”) was also involved in the incident.

The Hawks will now investigate what has become of the 25 cattle.

Front National believes they will have to hurry up with that investigation – old Zuma will soon get married again and slaughtering will be done for the wedding party!

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