Quantum Foods sorry about abuse of hens

Quantum Foods sorry about abuse of hens

Johannesburg – Egg producer Quantum Foods, a subsidiary of Pioneer Foods, has unreservedly apologised for the abusive treatment laying hens received at its Phokeng depot in Rustenburg, the NSPCA said on Thursday.

“This followed the NSPCA’s horror findings in March when emaciated, injured, and dying birds were being sold from Pioneer Food’s Phokeng depot,” NSPCA farm animal protection unit manager Andries Venter said in a statement.

On March 26, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals negotiated a long-term strategy with Quantum and Pioneer Foods.

This was for the treatment of laying hens sold from the depot after their laying cycles.

At the meeting, attended by the CEOs of Pioneer Foods, Quantum Foods, the NSPCA’s executive director, and Venter, the egg producer unreservedly apologised for the Phokeng depot incident.

Venter said they acknowledged a lapse in standards had occurred and agreed that measures would be taken to upgrade the standard of handling hens.

Disciplinary action had been taken against all staff members at the Phokeng depot, with an independent investigation undertaken to ensure the disciplinary action was appropriate.

“A separate disciplinary hearing was held against the depot manager at which an NSPCA senior inspector presented damning evidence,” said Venter…


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