Protest at Stellenbosch University over language

Protest at Stellenbosch University over language
Protest at Stellenbosch University

Students, reportedly lead by the Open Stellenbosch movement, protest at Stellenbosch University on July 27, 2015 by disrupting academic activities. This is an infringement on the rights of other students.

On their Facebook page, after the protest, Open Stellenbosch called for an end to the t-option – where lessons are given in both English and Afrikaans. Open Stellenbosch wants all classes to be available in English and an end to the use of translator devices at Stellenbosch University.

Open Stellenbosch stated: “We will continue to remind the university of the oppression felt by many Black students on a daily basis through action like this.

According to the statement, language at Stellenbosch is used as a tool of exclusion and must be addressed before any meaningful transformation can occur.

Open Stelenbosch further stated: “How must we get the degrees we are paying for if we do not understand what is being taught”…

If you start paying for something, first make sure you are at an institution where you will understand the tuition. If you do not understand Afrikaans, then move to a different University.

If the intention was to study, classes would not have been disrupted. It seems like the intention as always is purely to swamp yet another Afrikaans institution. As for paying…

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