Property expropriation is not limited only to land

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Property expropriation is not limited only to land
Property expropriation is not limited only to land. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

Over the weekend we have witnessed several incidents, in and around Gauteng, where supporters of the EFF simply showed up and occupied land, chopping off trees and breaking down fences while trying to erect shacks.

This was to be expected – they have heard their leaders say: “We will take the land without compensation” and now they simply do that.

Before, however, we start fuming about how “stupid” such followers are, let us also admit that one of our own biggest stumbling blocks is the fact that many, many of us also apparently understand nothing about legislative processes and Parliamentary procedures.

This was quite obvious when a copy of an “eviction letter” started doing the rounds last week, shared left right and centre by fear mongering gossipers who did not even bother to check that the letter had obviously nothing to do with the proposed expropriation bill – it was dated in January already and is a standard Municipal eviction note.

There is, after all, no such expropriation bill yet. It has to be written before August, then go for public input, then reviewed, then to a Parliamentary committee, then reviewed again and then only be put before Parliament for passing.

Before such date, expropriation of any property without compensation is theft, pure and simple as that.

What is of much more concern to Front National is the one thing that way too many people simply overlook: Paragraph 4 b of article 25 of the Constitution. It is this article which the expropriation bill plans to change to expropriate land.

But it clearly states: PROPERTY IS NOT LIMITED TO LAND.

If we think this is going to be the farmer’s loss, we are very sadly mistaken. This bill will include PROPERTY – houses, businesses, investments…

It is therefore hugely concerning that so many people are still running around about which party they plan to vote for. The only way in which to safeguard property, is to get it out from under state control. That bill WILL be passed with more than the two thirds majority. It is a given fact.

Unless we can prove that we have sufficient support to demand that our property be respected under the International Legislation on Self Determination, we will lose it.

That is what Front National wants to do. That is our aim for the 2019 election – to create that mandate. There won’t be another chance. By 2024, we doubt that there will be anything left to fight or bargain for.

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