Propaganda used to discredit King Cornelius III and Sovereign State of Good Hope?

The Sovereign State of Good hope

Propaganda used to discredit King Cornelius III and Sovereign State of Good Hope?
Propaganda used to discredit King Cornelius III and Sovereign State of Good Hope?

A recent video on eNCA pulls out all the stops in attempting to discredit The Sovereign State of Good Hope (SSGH) and its King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius lll. The video also attempts to blame the ‘Right wing Afrikaners’ for being behind the movement. And the exact same trend of propaganda arguments were used on SABC news to also discredit the King.

It is highly unlikely that the “right wing Afrikaners” would allow themselves to be ruled by a KhoiSan king let alone have equal rights with the other associated groups. This is clearly an attempt to label concerned white South Africans, who object to the excessive corruption at all levels of government, the high crime rate, murders and the violent destruction, as “Right wing Afrikaners”.

All citizens of the Sovereign State of Good Hope are required sign “The Oath of Allegiance” to the Sovereign State of Good Hope and The King and the Royal House. Is this something a so called “Right wing Afrikaners” will be willing to do?

What they fail to mention is that most of the splinter KhoiSan groups had full knowledge of the swearing in of King Cornelius in 2001 where he was also made “the custodian of all Khoisan land”. And these groups have never voiced any objection to his position or appointment.

If we look at the events related to the king from 2001 till date it is safe to say, that if the king did not deserve his title, the government and other Khoisan leaders have surely had enough time to contest this?

And the so called “Self proclaimed title” that is often widely used is far from the truth as the kings family tree clearly shows: Gaob (HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: KING) Khoebaha Calvin Denver John Cornelius III FAMILY TREE.

As the King points out, “I was sworn in as the King of my nation in 2001 at the last crown in Genadendal. In the same year I got custodianship of all Khoisan land endorsed by the Chief Magistrate Johan Venter as referred to by the Chief Justice John Hlophe.”

On 9 December 2015, the IOL Cape times published an article “Khoisan leadership demands proper recognition” and it was already at this point that King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius lll was recognised as the King of the KhoiSan and the Head of the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation. No one was complaining then. And those who now, according to the eNCA video, apparently oppose him, were all aware that he had been named the King. So the questions need to be asked, why are they now not acknowledging the king? And what is the political agenda behind this?

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In fact photos on the ‘United Kingdoms of Africa’ site in 2015 clearly shows images of King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius lll. And again there were no objections.


And in 2014 at the UN, the King received the ’20th Century King’s Award of Achievement’. And no one was complaining then either.

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