Prof Elmien du Plessis – you are wrong about farm murders

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Elmien du Plessis, associate professor in Law at NWU Potchefstroom, published an article this week, which was widely quoted in the liberal media. In it she states: “I used AfriForum’s own statistics to show that, in my opinion, the statistics do not support their claims of an ongoing genocide against white people, or even white farmers in South Africa. In my opinion, the information that AfriForum disseminates into the public domain on a variety of platforms is, at times, misleading.”

According to Du Plessis’ argument, at the current rate it will take 432 years to wipe out white farmers. Front National is immensely relieved that prof Du Plessis is a lawyer and not a mathematician, because her argument is complete bollocks.

And before the counter reaction of: “I don’t care what racist rightwingers says”, which is to be expected, now comes our way, let us just point out that the following response comes from another man with liberal political views:

Mike Schussler:

Not so fast with the numbers. I’m not Afriforum, but please inform law professor that if she says it will take 432 years to wipe out Farmers. SA with the 7th highest murder rate in the world will take 2933 years to kill its current population.

That is because according to the president office our latest murder rate 34.1 people per 100 000 and I checked with the Pocket World numbers and that would still be the 7th highest in the world. (BTW South Africans have the 14th lowest life expectancy as well according to the same source)

But if her numbers are correct, then farmers are 6.8 times more likely to be murdered.

No, it’s not genocide, but if farmers were a country, then it would be the highest murder rate in the world by a factor of two. (Honduras has a 74,6 per 100 000 murder rate at number one. )

Moreover, at 34,1 the SA murder rate is highest in seven years.

People are scared all over the country, and it is a crisis. People form Comunity Policing Forums which are better attended than political party meetings all over the country.

Some deaths are not even investigated, and that in itself is a problem.

When 18 out of 32 homes were burgled or robbed in my street in 10 months(and some assaults), the criminals did not ask about our colour, sex, age – they took, and we submitted. Our street was terrified.

We formed WhatsApp groups, and patrols and brought security contracts. We put cameras in the street. Our street has people from all walks and colours.

I have another statistic that is derived from the Presidents development indicators.

Over the last ten years, the number of crimes reported while dropping has resulted in a 6% sentencing rate.
Only half the cases ever end up on the court roll, and of the court roll 30% are convicted, and that means 16% of opened criminal cases result in convictions.

Moreover, in my CPF, we have noticed that many cases are no longer reported to the police as it would be for insurance only purposes is the belief.

So if say only half of the cases are reported for most crimes that would make our justice system really inefficient and while we pay extra for security and car guards and the like we need results.

The fastest growing sector regarding employment is other business services which include security companies!

Would that perhaps not be something that everyone should focus on? Particularly someone linked to the justice system? Should it also not get more attention in the media overall? The president releases the stats so I sure you are allowed to publish it – it is no longer Apartheid.

PS: If the name of prof Du Plessis sounds familiar – she was the person appointed by SPUR to investigate the entire debacle which lead to the Spur boycott. The investigation never took place. Spur must’ve realised that not much credit would be given to a finding by Du Plessis, because of her obvious left wing political bias in the current South African set up.

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