Pensioner strangled with a tie, tortured and tied up

Pensioner strangled with a tie, tortured and tied up

An elderly man 66 years of age is being treated in a Pretoria hospital after a house robbery. Capt. Thivhulawi Tshilate of the Heidelberg police confirmed that two robbers gained entrance to an elderly couple’s residence in the early hours of November 2, 2014.

The suspects cut an electric fence at a neighbouring reserve and gained entrance to the estate. They used a tree to get onto the couples balcony.

The suspects overpowered the man and his wife while they were asleep. The husband was strangled with a tie, seriously tortured and tied up. Then the two suspects plundered the residence. They left with money, electrical equipment and jewellery.

According to paramedics on the scene a retired doctor resuscitated the elderly man and assisted him breathing freely. The man and his wife were taken to the Suikerbosrand Clinic for treatment, as they were both seriously traumatised.

The elderly man was later transferred to Pretoria in a serious condition.

The case is under investigation and nobody has been arrested.


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