Open letter to the leader of the Democratic Alliance

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“…we won’y just kill the boer, we will slaughter u.” - Lerato Charity

Below is an open letter challenging Mmusi Maimane, the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) to react to the statement by Lerato Charity inciting genocide and criminal massacre, in the same manner he reacted to the Penny Sparrow-affair.

Dear mr Maimane

In January of this year the Democratic Alliance reacted to a statement on the social media in which mrs Penny Sparrow referred to black South Africans on Durban beaches as “monkeys”.

The DA stated that it was severely opposed to any form of racism and will act decisively to weed this out of our society.

The DA pressed criminal charges against mrs Sparrow and suspended her membership of the party.

I wish to direct your attention to the attached screenshot of a public statement made on the 5th of August by a certain Lerato Charity of Tzaneen.

This person is an administrative staff member of a company called African Jacana – a supplier of sports gear and equipment. In the statement made by Lerato Charity, she goes quite a bit further than mrs Sparrow blandly stating that white South Africans stole the country and, I quote: “…we won’y just kill the boer, we will slaughter u.” (sic)

A significant difference between the statements made by Sparrow and Charity, is the fact that Sparrow never once mentioned her political affiliation, but Charity, in the same post, clearly hints that she is a supporter of your party, which she calls by the name.

Lerato Charity
Lerato Charity

The other significant difference is that Charity is inciting genocide and criminal massacre.

This statement by Lerato Charity not only questions the constitutional, democratic right of a person to voice opposition to a political party, but calls for a criminal, inhumane and barbaric sollution to her problem.

Front National South Africa challenges you as leader of the Democratic Alliance to react to this incident in the same manner you reacted to the Sparrow-affair.

We assume that the Democratic Alliance does not support the mass killing of Boer people and would therefore not condone this conviction shared widely by one of its supporters.

We however need to get this assurance from you as the leader of the party.

A copy of this letter will be sent to the Managing Director of African Jacana in Tzaneen as well, as we expect of the company to take the appropriate action against a staff member openly calling for the murder of a section of the company’s clientele.

We urgently await your response.

Warm regards

JD Lötter


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