Open Letter to Senator Frazer Anning and Australians

Open Letter to Senator Frazer Anning and Australians
Senator Frazer Anning. Photo: YouTube

Dear Senator Fraser Anning and Australians

I thanked you previously for your support and also for the option to speed up visas for possible immigration.

Bare in mind that we are approximately 3,5mil white South Africans left in South Africa, that needs all the support we can get from our compatriots all over the world.

I have to highlight that it is “all” Afrikaner whites that are targeted and oppressed by the ANC government and even left wing parties, such as the EFF and DA, support the oppression.

Our farmers are killed off one by one, (which is heart breaking) and whilst this is happening, the remaining whites are oppressed and denied equal rights to have work. The ANC brought in Affirmative Action and Black Economical Empowerment (BEE) since they took over as the governing party, 24 years ago. This in short cuts directly into our (the white Afrikaners and coloured Afrikaners) human rights to have an equal opportunity or right to apply and have jobs. Criteria on job hunting sites and companies, stipulates that only BEE (Black) candidates need to apply. This caused that over a period of two decades, the White Afrikaner people of South Africa had to reduce to white squatter camps and live without food and fresh water days on end.

This brings me to what can we, as Afrikaner people of South Africa do for ourselves?

As you are aware, my dear Australian friends, we the Afrikaners of South Africa, are indeed a, very proud nation and we understand that you cannot assist and or take in 3.5mil+ people.

There for, we need your support to also raise awareness and support us in obtaining our Independence. We strive to declare the Western Cape Province (CapeTown) and partly the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape, Independent, from South Africa, whereby we, the Afrikaner, can rule over our self. If any of you want to support this cause. Please do not hesitate to make contact with either myself or other CapeXit delegates and Exco members.

Kind regards
Bill Harington
Chief Director
Eastern Cape
South Africa