Obsessions are dangerous

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Obsessions are dangerous
Obsessions are dangerous. Photo: FNSA

In politics you need to keep a distance to assess all situations. The moment you become obsessed with the opposition or a person, you not lose your own credibility (if you had any left, we need to add), but you also miss important things.

Somebody sent us an inbox, with a lot of screenshots, only yesterday to say: “What the +*&^% is the problem with so-and-so.? He is totally obsessed with you guys at Front National, it’s the only thing he writes about. You’ve taken complete control of his life.” Our response was: “Ignore the idiot, his isn’t a life worth controlling.”

The same thing happens with BLF. Their bank account was frozen because of their criminal behaviour for not paying their debts. It is doubtful whether they will be able to take part in the 2019 election. And what do they do? Immediately play the racism card and accuse Afriforum!

Obsessed with racism and white Afrikaner organisations. Obsession in politics, a dangerous thing…

Media report: The business organisation Sakeliga has had Black First Land First (BLF) bank account frozen, after the BLF neglected to honour a cost order awarded against them in December of last year.

The cost order originates from an interdict awarded to Sakeliga by the High Court in Pretoria, after ruling that BLF and its leaders were prohibited from inciting land grabs.

“Sakeliga intends to recover R68 000 in legal costs from BLF and will be using the money to finance Landgrab911.

Landgrab911 is a platform created to assist in warding off land grabs. It empowers land owners with information, legal assistance and property records from the office of the Chief Surveyor General, so as to prepare for, or act against, illegal land occupiers,” according to Piet le Roux, Sakeliga CEO.

Le Roux says it is important that extremist, fringe organisations, like BLF are not allowed to damage business and personal interests, or the public interest. “To incite land grabs is criminal behaviour and – if allowed to continue – is liable to have serious knock-on effects. For this reason, it is imperative that this type of behaviour be quashed. We take note of the fact that BLF, apparently, intended to use these funds to register for the 2019 elections, but this will not dissuade us from recovering the costs. If BLF had refrained from criminal actions, it would not have lost this money.

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