Numsa blaim racial colonialism for strike

Castro Ngobese, spokesperson for Numsa, says that they have called for their members to intensify their strike.

He adds that should employers continue with the reckless actions and making unreasonable demands, they may be left with no option but to call for targeted solidarity action in all their sectors.

“This is seriously under consideration,” says Ngobese.

According to him, workers are not stupid, nor do they enjoy losing their “hard-earned miserable wages”.

“Only a very insensitive racist can claim that black and African workers, who suffer daily in their townships and shacks because of their colonial and racist wages love to be on strike and desire to destroy the South African economy,” adds Ngobese.

Prior to the strike and since then, Numsa national leadership and bargaining team members have been engaging in negotiations with bosses with the objective of securing a settlement as swiftly as possible…

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