Municipality spills blood into nature reserve, Kuruman


Municipality spills blood into nature reserve, Kuruman
Municipality spills blood into nature reserve, Kuruman. Photo: Pixabay

AfriForum obtained new information on 8 July 2021, that in fact points to the Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality as the culprit that spilled blood into a veld that forms part of a local nature reserve in Kuruman – and not the local abattoir, as previously reported.

AfriForum obtained wrong information that the local abattoir was spilling the bloody water. The organisation has in the meantime confirmed that the abattoir is paying the municipality monthly to pump the blood from their tanks and remove it. It is therefore the municipality that is spilling blood into the nature reserve.

AfriForum offers its apology to the affected abattoir.

AfriForum will now also write to the municipality to point out that the municipality is spilling the blood, as well as to demand that it takes steps to solve the problem. The letter and further evidence were also sent to the Department of Environmental Affairs’ Green Scorpions for further investigation.

AfriForum will not allow the municipality to continue with this illegal spilling that threatens the health of humans and animals alike. AfriForum will take the necessary steps to hold the guilty parties accountable.

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