Marine act contraventions crack down, Port Nolloth

South African Police Service

Marine act contraventions crack down, Port Nolloth
Marine act contraventions crack down, Port Nolloth

A multi-disciplinary operation by members of the South African police Service and various other departments that include the State Security Agency(SSA), Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Department of Environment and Nature Conservation as well as home Affairs, restored order at the waters in Port Nolloth when those that were used to contravening the Marine Act were hit very hard with the fines during this year’s Easter holidays.

These departments, all tasked with enforcing the different pieces of legislation, worked together during Operation Phakisa that was held from the 28th to the 31st of March 2017. The main aim of Phakisa, as a Presidential Operation, is to curb, combat and prevent marine related crimes committed around the sea borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Some of the activities they carried out included compliance inspections both at the seaside and inland, stop and searches, foot, vehicle, vessel and aerial patrols as well as policing in general.

A total of 23 fines were issued to the offenders for marine related crimes that include fishing without a permit, possession of fish without a permit, possession of crayfish, collecting, possession and exceeding the bag limit for shellfish as well as contravention of Road Traffic Act(RTA).

Some were caught driving without a driver’s licence, driving a vehicle with worn out tyres, driving a vehicle with a learner driver’s licence without supervision and a range of other crimes.

One Nigerian national was also arrested for dealing in illegal medicines and or substances after he was found with R3070 worth of illicit lotion. Four more suspects were arrested for drinking in public and issued with a R100 fine each. The Nigerian national will be making his first appearance in court in Port Nolloth.

Goods to the value of R4000 were confiscated and they included 81kg of hake, 06 Snoek(Fish) and 8 Rock Lobsters.

The Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in the Northern Cape applauded the good work done by members and says he was amazed by the level of commitment shown by the other departments involved in the operation.

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