Three suspects arrested for the murder of Sias Willemse of Potchefstroom

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Three suspects arrested for the murder of Sias Willemse of Potchefstroom
Three suspects arrested for the murder of Sias Willemse of Potchefstroom. Image source: Pixabay

One of 3 suspects arrested in connection with the murder of Mr Sias Willemse (71) that took place in his house in Bailiepark, Potchefstroom on 22 September 2020 has worked sporadically for him since he was a teenager.

It has happened thousands of times over the years that a worker or former worker were arrested and convicted in connection with the murder or serious assault and robbery of elderly people who they have worked for for years.

There are several recent examples as well which will be mentioned later.

In this case, the arrested man, Petrus Boontjie Mahlapa (24), has worked for Mr Willemse on and off since he was a teenager.

The 2 other suspects arrested in the case are a brother and sister of Petrus Mahlapa.

Two of the accused have already made certain admissions to Police.

The suspects were arrested on Saturday . The Police is still establishing what exactly was taken in the robbery in which Mr Willemse was also shot on 22 September.

Mr Willemse was alone at home at the time of his murder. His wife, Tobianna, was visiting their son in the Cape.

A nephew of Mr Willemse, Stephan Willemse, told the media that Mahlapa did loose chores for Mr Willemse since he was 14.

He was an occasional worker on the farm of Mr Willemse near Potchefstroom and also did lose chores on other farms in the area.

Mahlapa and other farm workers also cut the grass at Mr Willemse’s house in Bailypark, Potchefstroom on Saturdays, the house where he was murdered.
That is how Mahlapa knew where the house was.

Other recent examples of murders planned and organized by a garden or house worker include:

The murder and abduction of Hettie and Lizette Deacon in Polokwane on 10 September, the murder of Chantelle Kershaw in Sundra on Wednesday 30 September 2020 and the extremely violent assault on farmers Chris and Leonise Joubert in August of this year on their farm at Dendron where Leonise was also raped. In the Joubert case the attack was planned by the domestic worker’s 18 year old son