‘The Lords hand was on him’, Man (80) savagely attacked, Zeerust

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‘The Lords hand was on him’, Man (80) savagely attacked, Zeerust
'The Lords hand was on him', Man (80) savagely attacked, Zeerust . Photo: Maroela Media

His attackers tried to shoot him with his own shotgun but when they pulled the trigger it did not go off, then they wanted to burn him with the iron, which when plugged in made a mini explosion and didn’t work again.

“It was all the Lord’s work that held his hand of protection over Jan McDonald (80). Jan is a great child of the Lord and a very beloved man in the community of Zeerust. Very popular and all population groups. He is everyone’s uncle and grandfather, “said pastor Charlotte Crous to Maroela Media on Tuesday.

Crous, the pastor of the Shekinah ministry in the North West town, came across a badly destroyed McDonald at 08:10 after he had not opened the church doors, his usual task.

“He is a widower, does not have children and has been a member of the congregation for almost 15 years. He was doing free will work at the church like maintaining the garden and opening and closing the church on Sundays. It is a passion for him and he likes to help out at the church. The service starts at 09:00 and he usually opens all doors at 7:45. When I arrive at the church at 08:00, he’s already there, “explained Crous.

“On Sunday morning when I got there he was not there. His house is diagonally opposite the church, and I checked whether everything was all right with him. When I arrived at his house at 08:10, I saw his little red bakkie was not pulled out and the front door and security gate were open.”

Crous found McDonald in the hallway on the floor. “He was fully conscious and could talk and tell what had happened. I took pillows and made him comfortable and then called the police and paramedics. They all were quickly on the scene and we are full of praise for them.”

Crous describes it as a miracle that McDonald was not more severely hurt in the incident.

“They destroyed him a lot. Three men who had covered their faces gained access to the house by breaking a large room window that had no burglar bars. It was between 2:00 AM or 3:00 AM Sunday 11 February 2018. He barely heard the smash when they attacked him in his bed.”

According to Crous, the attackers tied McDonald’s hands and feet behind his back, blind folded him and assaulted him with a hard object. The attackers turned McDonald’s house upside down in search of his safe’s keys and eventually fled with three firearms and money held by McDonald in his safe.

“He prayed continuously and miracle upon miracle followed. He did not break one leg or suffer any internal bleeding. At one stage, the men aimed Jan’s own double barrel shotgun at him, to shoot him, but the shots did not want to go off. They wanted to burn him with a iron, but when they plugged it in, the iron made a noise like a soft explosion and did not work anymore. It is absolutely the Lord’s hand that was on him and we are so grateful to the Lord, “Crous said.

Crous said initial reports that McDonald had been critically injured were untrue. “He was taken to a hospital and is full of blue spots and bruises, but he has only been taken for tests and observation. He should be discharged soon.”

The Zeerust police are investigating a case of robbery and attempted murder. No one has been arrested in connection with the incident and the investigation continues.

McDonald thanked Crous and all who prayed for him and assisted him. He conveyed this message to all:

“The Lord’s mercy, love and presence protected me … His grace was enough for me, as his Word says! Two attempts to shoot me with my own gun, the iron ore with which they wanted to burn me just made a loud noise … I prayed all the time and called on the Name of the Lord and only have a grateful heart to the Lord for his mercy! Many thanks to Charlotte, Lindi and James for your quick action. Many thanks to Sarie and her team, Dr. Erasmus and the fast and excellent service of the police. I am already a lot better this morning and thank everyone in the community for your prayers! Will be home in a day or two. ”

Crous said McDonald will spend some time at there home whilst the security measures are upgraded at his house.

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