Suspect arrested for attempted robbery, Brits

South African Police Service

Suspect arrested for attempted robbery, Brits
Suspect arrested for attempted robbery, Brits

On the evening of Friday, 12 May 2018, a police official in collaboration with members of the community arrested a suspect for attempted armed robbery.

According to information received, an on-duty Warrant Officer was arriving in Dipetlelwane village after attending to a complaint of stock theft in Swartboom. Upon arrival in the village (Dipetlelwane), a group of people came out of a local tavern screaming that there was a robbery in progress next to the tuckshop. The police official noticed three males in a scuffle with a Pakistani foreign national. The suspects, one of them armed with a firearm, were allegedly trying to rob the Pakistani. The Warrant Officer then fired a warning shot and the trio ran to different directions leaving behind their getaway vehicle, a silver grey Chevrolet Spark with a North West registration number. One of the suspects also left behind a cellphone.

A while later, one of the suspects, unaware that the police were still around, returned to the scene. He ran out of luck when members of the community recognized him and informed the police. He was then arrested and found in possession of the getaway vehicle’s key. The vehicle was seized.

He is expected to appear in the court soon.

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