Public broadcaster distorted facts

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Public broadcaster distorted facts
Public broadcaster distorted facts - Image - Die Vryburger

Two men accused of killing a teenager after he fell off a bakkie in Coligny will appear in court today.

However, several readers expressed their absolute discontent with The Vryburger about the way in which the Afrikaans source of the ANC-controlled public broadcaster, RSG, presented the news on this incident.

The news release, as stated on the RSG website, reads: “The two men accused of the murder of 16-year-old learner Matlhomola Mosweu, Coligny in the North West, must appear in the local magistrate’s court today. Pieter Foreword and Phillip Schutte were arrested in April but later released on bail of five thousand rands each. The decision to grant their bail led to violent protests in the area. ”

The report is packed with factual errors, apparently with the intention to find the accused guilty before the trial and the damaging protests, that destroyed the town.

The protests took place long before the two men got bail.

It turned out that the unknown “learner” was not 16 as claimed initially, but was 19 years old and thus was anxious and knew exactly what he was doing. The farmers caught him on the verge of stealing sunflowers, and when they were on his way to the police station, he jumped out of the bakkie, probably in an attempt to escape and evade the police.

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