Potchefstroom municipality’s finances being run like organized crime syndicate

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Potchefstroom municipality's finances being run like organized crime syndicate. Photo: Pixabay
Potchefstroom municipality's finances being run like organized crime syndicate. Photo: Pixabay

Chris Hattingh of the DA says the municipality for Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp (called JB Marks) is run like an organized crime syndicate and available facts prove it. Of course stealing and plundering is just #TheAfricanWay and wherever things are run by a black majority there will be stealing and plundering. It’s their culture Mr Hattingh.                               

Even in Tshwane which is being run further into the ground by the black dominated DA in Tshwane, there is stealing, looting and incompetence and facts prove it.                                   

It has emerged that the local ANC run Potchefstroom municipality operates a slush fund in the form of a trust registered at a local lawyer in Potchefstroom. It of course also, once again, demonstrates the unscrupulousness of the local lawyer profession in South Africa – or is that Hell-Africa?

The slush fund registered at a local lawyer paid out an amount of R161 329 so that councillors could go to the Durban July last year for a little vacation, which included food and drink no doubt.                                               
The Durban July trip was first reported by the local Potchefstroom Herald newspaper. The municipal manager Lebo Ralekgetho first defended the Durban July trip but later backtracked and said it should be investigated. Not that it is indeed being investigated . He also did not say why the municipality would need a slush fund registered at a local lawyer or how much money flow through the slush fund or what the money is used for.                   

It should once again be pointed out that these black officials seem to be acting as if the money belongs to them. They don’t seem to know that it’s taxpayer funds.                         

The Hawks is investigating the Durban July trip and another transaction where R 1, 7 million was transferred to an outside account.                                         

The municipality’s own accounts show that an amount of R 2,6 million is outstanding and being owed by serving councillors who came into it in unlawful ways. No steps is being taken against the councillors.               

The Auditor General’s report on the municipality for the 2018/19 year sketches a dark picture. The figures show an amount of R 2,1 billion in irregular expenses, R 833 million in unlawful expenditure and 76 million in wasteful spending (no results achieved).                   

The Auditor General also found that the municipality did not stick within acquisition procedure and did not keep proper track of expenses.         

The Auditor-General mentioned in his last and previous reports that the municipality never investigates it when money is wasted, stolen or irregularly spent. Officials also don’t get investigated, even if complaints against them are lodged for financial irregularities.             

The local mayor, Kgotso Khumalo, is fighting a decision by the North West provincial government to place Potchefstroom under administration in court, something for which taxpayer funds is also used of course.

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