Horrific farm attack and rape: ‘I prayed that the Lord’s hand would be over me’

Farm Attack and Rape

Horrific farm attack and rape: 'I prayed that the Lord's hand would be over me'
Horrific farm attack and rape: 'I prayed that the Lord's hand would be over me'

During a brutal farm attack on Tuesday 19 february 2019, at Makwassie in the North West. Elize Vermeulen (58) was attacked and assaulted by two black men between 13:00 and 14:00 on her farm. When one of the attackers took her to the shed and started to rape her she kept her head and just prayed continuously throughout the ordeal. “I asked the Lord to keep his hand over me and that the holy spirit would calm the attacker. The peace of the Lord came over me” said Vermeulen. She went on to say that the rape was “violent and painful and i felt I felt extremely dirty.”

Vermeulen was alone in the farm house with all the doors locked when suddenly the kitchen door was smashed open. Her husband Valie (62) was at work. She attempted to run down the passage but was overpowered by the attackers and very violently assaulted over the head. She was then taken to a shed where the rape ordeal took place. The attacker said that he liked white women’s bodies and that they hate white people and that he wants to kill a white woman.

After the attack and rape her hands and feet were tied and a old dress was forced into her mouth. She was then bundled into her vehicle and forced to lay down on thee back seat.

Neither of the attackers could drive and while one steered the other changed gears. The vehicle was regularly half on the gravel pavement and eventually had a flat tyre as a result. After about 8 km the vehicle came to a standstill and the attackers then fled with two firearms, jewelry, clothes and other items. Passers by found the bound woman and rescued her. She was admitted to hospital for medical attention.

There have been no arrests.

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Farm attack: Woman assaulted, tied up and kidnapped, Makwassie

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