Armed gang makes use of ‘storming attack’

Barend Pienaar

Armed gang makes use of ‘storming attack’
Farm worker and wife brutally assaulted

Large gangs of criminals comprising of about 10 men, who are heavily armed, extremely violent and well-organized strike again.

Broederstroom, Schurwerberg, Kalkheuwel and, the latest attack at Welgegund on 14 February.

In addition to the preliminary investigation, it has been established that the gang moves close to a target some hours before the actual attack, mostly during the daytime and would remain positioned until they break-in.

When breaking into a house, the gang normally targets access points, doors, or windows simultaneously in a “storming attack”.

In one of the cases, a family pet, a Doberman dog appeared to be friendly toward the gang. There is the possibility that the gang intimidates domestic servants into assisting with access to the property.

Members of the gang may post a “lookout” of a local high point and are most certainly using cell phones to communicate which allows them to evade pursuers. There is the likelihood of the gang using current stolen cell phones to intercept CPF WhatsApp communications in order to better understand the movements or positions of pursuers.

Some of the gang speak very good English and Chichewa, suggesting that they are Malawian.

The police have recently updated excellent identikit likenesses and presence of gang members in the area. The police said they would post identikit photos in local shopping centers.

The large gang does not rake in massive proceeds from crime, as banks are never targeted, and there are indications that they conduct frequent attacks to ensure profitability from their criminal activities.

Credit – Hartebeespoort CPF

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