No sympathy from London

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No sympathy from London
No sympathy from London. Photo: Front National SA

Despite that fact that activists and individuals all over the world are helping us to spread the word of the situation of white people in South Africa, we have to accept the fact that the ANC regime is working equally hard to counter that message. It will be a while still before the world will have to admit that they are being fooled.

In the British Parliament there is still no indication of any interest in our cause.

Late in 2017 mr Neil Taylor of Weston-super-Mare wrote a letter to his MP, mr John Penrose, in which he highlighted the situation of farm attacks and the circumstances of white people in South Africa. Mr Penrose forwarded the letter to MP Harriet Baldwin, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Conservative MP for West Worcestershire.

She replied on the 16th of January in her new capacity as Minister for Africa and said that:

1) She does not agree that there is a systematic racism against white South Africans led by the ANC Government. (How BEE, Affirmative Action, Sports and University Quotas etc are to be explained then, boggles the mind!)

2) Racial tensions remain on all sides but should not be overstated. (It cannot actually get much more overstated than being butchered and tortured for being a white farmer, Ma’m!)

3) SA has…a Bill of Rights written into its Constitution…ensures that all South African citizens are guaranteed the same rights and protection from the Government. (Mrs Baldwin, the Government in South Africa proposes to amend the constitution to expropriate without compensation the property of its own citizens – an act which is clearly a grotesque violation of ANY Bill of Rights!)

4) Our High Commission in South Africa continues to monitor the situation and raises issues of concern with the SA authorities where necessary. (It would be very interesting to know what the response of the authorities are and whether the High Commission was satisfied with the response. In the end you really can’t justify your loss if you appoint the rat to guard your cheese, can you?

Front National expresses our gratitude to mr Taylor for writing to his MP and to mr Penrose for his prompt response. All we can do is to carry on writing these letters and sending them on. Australian MP’s started to take note, US politicians started to take note. The slower ones elsewhere will get there as well, of that we have no doubt.

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