No Mercy for Land Owners

No Mercy for Land Owners
No Mercy for Land Owners

The overseas corporations finance both sides. Present day land owners against the Black land claimants and the Black land claimants against the present day land owners, under the heading, “Done in the public interest”. Divide and rule and the winners are the overseas investors who take the spoils for themselves, only.No Mercy for Land OwnersNo Mercy for Land Owners

This what they do to White owned farm animals. They show no mercy and no one ever is brought to any court for the serious crime done. The cow was killed by a microwave gun and left to die. Unfortunately the owner could not save the animal.
Where did it all start, in about 1962 Magnus Malan attended Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA military academy. He came back to be the Chief of South African Defense Force fighting the communists in Angola and ensuring White survival before 1994.

At the end of the 1960s, Mariam Mengistu attended Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA and went back to Ethiopia and caused a Marxist-led regime that resulted in a blood bath. It is reported that newspaper reports say that Derek Hanekom infiltrated the South African Defense Force and found its secret code and handed it over to the ANC. This aspect needs to be confirmed. However where there is smoke, there is fire. Derek Hanekom has been awarded high posts by the ANC government since 1994.

Haile Selassie was one of those using Radio Addis Ababa to broadcast that, “Africa for the Africans”. In spite of his pro-Black African agenda he was deemed not fit for office by the Marxist juntas, and he was killed. Ethiopians are not entirely black with the skin color. It was due to racial discrimination while at military colleges in the USA that Mariam Mengistu decided to join the communists in Ethiopia. He was supported by Cuba and the Soviet Union. Cuba supported the Freedom Fighters in Anglo from 1975 until 1989. The South African Defense Force were fighting the Cubans and their Angolan counterparts.

Oil was one reason why Angola was so important. The British Royal Family have significant shares in the different oil companies. During the Cold War, the Royal Family with the Duke of Edinburgh supported both sides, according to the Bibliotecapleyades website.

From 1961 on, Rowland was the chief financier for the gangs whose genocidal wars have devastated Africa. He often financed both sides of a struggle at the same time, beginning with the Ian Smith regime in Rhodesia and its black opposition around Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe, continuing into his financing both the Frelimo government and its Renamo opposition in Mozambique, and both the MPLA government and its Unita opposition in Angola.

In the 1980s, as the SWAPO guerilla force of Sam Nujoma waged war against the South African-backed, white-dominated government of the country, South African Special Forces trained the notorious “Koevoet,” Afrikaans for “crowbar,” black special warfare units, whose savagery was well-known. Crooke and his crew retrained the Koevoet men as “anti-poaching units.” Simultaneously, they set up a liaison with the then-minuscule “stock theft unit” of the South African Police.

In late June 1992, shortly after the notorious Boipatong massacre of June 18, in which 39 were killed and much more injured by mysterious “third force” assassins, a joint task force of ANC intelligence, the Goldstone Commission (an inquiry into violence). A special police unit raided the premises of the British-owned Gold Fields firm. There, to their surprise, they discovered a “stock theft unit” of 40 men, mainly re-trained Koevoet veterans from Namibia.

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