New political party: ‘Alliance of Indigenous and True South Africans’

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New political party: ‘Alliance of Indigenous and True South Africans’
New political party: 'Alliance of Indigenous and True South Africans'

Front National welcomes the foundation of a new political party called “Aitsa” – Alliance of Indigenous and True South Africans. The party will represent the interests of the Coloured minority in South Africa. We completely agree with mr Shaun August, former DA Councilor for Cape Town, when he stated that the Coloured community is sick and tired of their vote being abused.

This is the very same feeling amongst white South Africans.

Multicultural parties do not serve the interests of the minority groups in South Africa, but appears to be more interested in their Parliamentary seats and their political careers. Front National encourages all minority and ethnic groups in the country to make provision for their own political representation and protection of their cultural, linguistic and historical heritage.

We support Aitsa and hope that it will be followed by other parties representing the remaining minority groups in the country. In this way we can create peaceful co existence with respect for each other’s way of life in South Africa. We hope that the new party will be able to take part in the 2019 election.

FNSA Information desk press release 13 November 2018:

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