Shocking treatment of elderly man in Belfast hospital

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Shocking treatment of elderly man in Belfast hospital
Mr Werner Weber - Image - Die Vryburger

The shocking manner in which an elderly ICU patient was treated at a state hospital in Belfast is unacceptable, and the FF Plus will urge the province’s health minister to give answers, said Mr. Werner Weber, leader of the FF Plus in Mpumalanga.

The family of Hennie de Beer (76) confirmed that he fell out of his bed on Friday night and lay on the floor for almost the entire evening, while other patients laughed at him and were told by the staff that he was strong enough to stand and take care of himself.

Mr. De Beer was eventually moved to another room. However, his drip was not connected, and he was not given the oxygen that he desperately needed. The drip was returned later that day.

When Mr. De Beer’s son, Mr. Hennie de Beer Jnr. made inquiries at the hospital about the incident, he was accused of being a racist and forcibly removed from there.

Mr. De Beer Jnr. told the FF Plus how shocked he was about the incident and denied that he had acted racially toward the staff.

“This incident and action are totally unacceptable. When people are faced with poor service, it becomes increasingly easy to play the race card.”

“The FF Plus will not leave the matter there. What happened to Mr. De Beer, is the witnessing of shockingly poor service by the staff which can be fatal for all patients, white or black.”

“The matron in charge was not willing to talk to the FF Plus about the matter, and even failed to answer her phone yesterday. The matter will not be left there, and the FF Plus will insist that the province’s premier investigate the incident,” said Mr. Weber.

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