Police refute claims they negotiated with the man seen on a video assaulting a woman

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Police refute claims they negotiated with the man seen on a video assaulting a woman
Police refute claims they negotiated with the man seen on a video assaulting a woman

The police in Mpumalanga wish to set the record straight regarding a video clip making rounds on social media, in which a man is seen mercilessly assaulting a young woman.

Emanating from this video, it appears that some faceless individuals opted to use this opportunity to spread malicious lies, purporting that the man was not apprehended because he negotiated with the police. This damaging statement lacks credibility and is vehemently refuted at all costs. It is viewed as a stance to worsen the trust deficit that exists between the community and police.

According to unconfirmed reports, the assault seen on the video, took place around February or March 2020 and since then, the victim did not open a case. Neither did police negotiate with the alleged perpetrator regarding the incident with a view to exonerate him. However, police are calling for anyone who has evidence that suggests police negotiated with the man, to come forward so that such evidence can be tested as these allegations are viewed in a serious light.

The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, urges the community not to make insinuations that can cause unnecessary tension. Referring to those who spread the lies, General Zuma strongly warns them to desist from spreading malicious information.

“To put the record straight, the incident is alleged to have happened in Mpumalanga few months ago but the victim did not open a case. It is incumbent upon the person whose rights have been grossly violated as in this case, to come forward and open a case,” General Zuma explained.

The police in the province enjoy a healthy working relationship with the community however, there is always a room for improvement and this is what police are striving for. The police have vowed not to allow a minority group to intentionally tarnish their image and diminish the existing relationship between the community as well as police for unknown gains. What perturbs so much, is the fact that, Gender Based Violence is regarded as a serious violation of women’s rights and it is also high on the agenda of government as well as the society at large. Police view it as such, therefore, the malicious statement that suggests police do not view the incident on the video clip as serious, puts them in a compromising position,” said General Zuma.

The police use this opportunity to encourage women not to be quiet when their lives are exposed to danger in the hands of their estranged lovers. They are further encouraged to institute protection orders against their abusive husbands or boyfriends should they experience any form of abuse.

Police are urging men to change from a patriarchal behavior and be real protectors of their families. They are hereby warned sternly to STOP committing barbaric acts of GBV.

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