Police firearm stolen and a police Sergeant, tavern owner and two other arrested

Police firearm stolen and a police Sergeant, tavern owner and two other arrested
Police firearm stolen and a police Sergeant, tavern owner and two other arrested. Image source: Pixabay

A sting operation by a team of SAPS members was conducted at Morgenzon after a 9mm pistol, belonging to the police reportedly disappeared into thin air at the Community Police Service Centre (CSC) in Morgenzon. This disturbing news occurred between 16 and 17 December 2023.

According to a police report, when counting stock at the said police station, commanders realized that one of the pistols was missing. This led to an immediate investigation which began thereafter in an attempt to find out what has really occurred.

In the tour of the investigation, it was realized that the firearm was allegedly stolen by one of the members who was on duty and tasked with the responsibility to safeguard the items during a night shift duty.

The information was traced and it further emerged that the pistol was allegedly sold to a tavern owner, sadly by a member of the police.

It was during this time that the operation was carried out. The team that participated in the operation consisted of members from Morgenzon SAPS, Tactical Response Team (TRT), as well as the Hawks.

On Friday, 29 December 2023 the coordinated information was operationalized after a search warrant was obtained in court. It was during this period when the astute members strategically pounced on several houses where a massive search was conducted in Morgenzon.

During the search, several firearms were found, which include one shotgun, one pistol which is suspected to have been stolen at the police station as well as another pistol, a magazine for an R5 rifle, as well as an ammunition for an R5 rifle.

The four suspects arrested include a police Sergeant (46), who was on duty when the pistol disappeared, a tavern owner (42), one female (23) as well as a Mozambican National (39). The four suspects were charged for possession of unlicensed firearm with ammunition and another charge of theft of a firearm was added upon the police official. They are due to appear in court soon.

Police are working in collaboration with officials from the Department of Home Affairs to a certain the status of the Mozambican national that was arrested.

Meanwhile the Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Semakaleng Daphney Manamela has applauded the exceptional work done by the team in arresting the four suspects. “We want to make use of this opportunity and warn police officials as well as all law enforcement agencies who might be tempted to engage in criminal or corrupt activities, that we will not hesitate to take appropriate steps against them without any fear of favour, ” said the General.

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