Farm foreman fires back at farm attackers, injures one – Lydenburg

Farm foreman fires back at farm attackers, injures one – Lydenburg
Farm foreman fires back at farm attackers near Lydenburg. Photo credit: Pixabay

Sunday evening January 7 at 20h00 HPG Lydenburg received an emergency call of a farm attack at Makubalaan Plantations 25km outside Lydenburg.

The owner of the farm received a call from his staff that the farm foreman had been wounded in a shooting incident at his residence. The foreman and other staff who had returned from leave were met by 4 men, who shot at them.

Luckily the foreman was armed and fired at the attackers. According to him, he wounded one of the attackers, but he still fled with the others.

The foreman was wounded in the calf, the bones below his knee were also hit and broken. The farm’s security company was called and they helped stabilize the foreman and transport him to Lydenburg.

An ambulance awaited them by the side of the road which further stabilized the victim and transported him to the hospital. The scene has been secured and closed.

No witnesses or other personnel were available to shed light on the subject. 4 x 9mm shells were found at the scene. The scene was handed over to SAPS and PKRS at 23h00 when they arrived at the scene.

A trail of blood believed to belong to one of the injured suspects was followed to where it disappeared into a plantation.

Lydenburg K9 started following the trail this morning. The wounded victim is stable and is being transferred today from Lydenburg Hospital to Medi Clinic Nelspruit. SAPS is investigating the matter further.

Credit Heritage Protection Group (HPG)